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FD - Fixed Deposit Calculator

Desclaimer: we are 99.9% accurate with the maturity value. Our accuracy may loose with some maturity value.

What is Fixed Deposit?

Fixed Deposit is a high interest rate and lower risk type of bank savings available to the customers. FD account is having higher interest rate than any other saving accounts. The interest rates are different for different bank and is fixed for the maturity periods. Mostly, FD interest rate is calculated every 3 months (quarterly). Fixed Deposit is very safe investment technique in India.

Banks provides higher interest rate on FD accounts of investors till the maturity date of the account. Investors are not allowed to withdraw money from fixed deposit accounts before maturity date. The interest rate's percentage may vary from 4 to 11. The period of FD can be 7 days, 15 days, 45 days to 1.5-10 years.

Generally in India, banks offers three months period for FD interest returns. Suppose you are opening your account on 1st January, then the interest would be paid on 1st April. This type of FD acount is considered as a simple Fixed Depoosit accounts. Other type of FDs are cumulative FD, where your interest is added to your previously counted interest. Banks allows you premature withdrawal facility, however they can charge penalty for that. In premature withdrawal, interest is paid according to the rate available at the time of the withdrawal.

Bank is providing receipt for each FD and you have to return it back to bank after renewal. Banks are also allowing automatic renewal of fixed deposit on same terms as older ones. Banks can deduct tax amount if interest on FD exceed Rs. 10,000 within a year.

How FD is Benificiary?

- Customers are allowed to take 80 to 90 percent loan on deposit value.

- Fixed Deposit is the safe savings available in India.

- High FD interest rate

What is FD Calculator?

FD calculator is a mathematical tool for the investors to find the FD returns on their invested amounts. Investors can enter the amount they want to deposit, interest rate of their bank and the period of time for which they want to open their Fixed Deposit accounts.

Find different interest rates and tenures for FD for different Banks